The Problem

A concerning number of politicians are willing to dishonestly skew elections in their favor, and organizations with their own agendas make it possible without anyone knowing. Currently, there is only a 30% chance of Congress passing a law regardless of how many people support it because of these special interests. Trusting a candidate can be tough without knowing their full history and activities while they were in power. This process has been difficult for voters due to how hard it is to access supposed “publicly available” government records that detail politicians’ actions in office.

The Solution

We will hold our politicians and public officials accountable to their promises. To ensure this happens, we gather every politician’s full history of all legislative or executive action they’ve taken in office, and make it easily accessible to every voter. As a nation, we must demand regulations that force politicians to act openly. Stricter disclosure laws that include foreign donations create transparency and help eliminate corruption by making bribery easier to identify. Ultimately, a long lost public confidence in the political system will be restored, because voters make informed decisions that put honest candidates in power.

Why should you care?

When corruption exists, citizens become powerless against their governments. When corruption thrives, human rights and fundamental liberties are lost. Our jobs, our businesses, and quality of life are all harmed. How effective government programs that benefit the population are is affected by corruption as well. These include some of society’s most important institutions; health care, education and infrastructure. In a broader perspective, corruption diminishes the public’s trust in the law and their nation as a whole.